join us for vinyl hour

Music, memories & makeovers at bhp hair salon in Guiseley, Leeds

great hair cuts at bhp hair salon in leedsIf you LOVE music as much as we do, you won’t need much convincing to join in our Vinyl Hour.  To be honest, it’s not really an ‘hour’ at all as we’re happy for our guests (and the bhp team) to put on a record any time of the day!

Yes, we’re talking real records from the good ol’ days when people had record-players that played LPs (Long Playing vinyl records) and 45s or singles (single tracks). 

If you’ve only everthe best hairdressers in leeds at BHP Hairdressing Salon, Guiseley heard music played on the radio, via CD or downloaded, book in for your hair cut, colour or treatment at bhp hairdressing in Guiseley, Leeds, and find out what all the fuss is about.  

Born pre-1980? Enjoy a trip down Memory Lane where the magic of music will transport you back to being 17 again and watching the amazing Ziggy Stardust concert or Queen extravaganza.

Salon owner Christian Hefti has a great collection of albums for you to choose from and you’ll be amazed at how vibrant each track sounds.  Join us soon for ‘Vinyl Hour’ at bhp!