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Find the right products for your hair

We are here to help.  Please talk to your stylist who can recommend the perfect hair products for your hair.  We stock only the finest hair care and styling products – once you’ve tried the products from our Matrix and Alterna ranges, we’re sure you’ll be hooked. We know we are!

Matrix hair care & styling products

hair productsWe are delighted to recommend the wonderful range of Matrix hair care and styling products which cater for your hair’s every need.

Products include shampoos, conditioners and specialist treatments, styling gels, hairsprays, lotions, creams, mousses, oils, serums, clays and more.

We can help you find the right Matrix product for your hair. Our favourites include Matrix Biolage which contains natural treatments for silky, shiny, healthy hair, and the Matrix Style Link range of hair styling products.


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We are delighted to introduce you to NINE YARDS hair care and styling products – a luxury range which is free of additives and harsh ingredients. 


A premium Swedish haircare brand. Our desire is to give the hair of the haircare industry a little shaking. At heart of Nine Yards lies an idea – that if we worry less about fitting in, perhaps we can do more that stands out. It’s a look and an outlook. So we’ve created a product that challenges the expected, to help inspire the free thinkers, the straight, the wavy, the curly, the squares in the round holes – to do their thing.

It’s taken 5 years and an uncountable number of (human) tests and samples to create a range of products that have reached an ideal balance between functionality and natural ingredients. The products have been created for professional use with meticulous consideration to ingredients for optimised function. From the bottle to the function, no shortcuts have been taken to challenge to expected.

These premium hair products are designed for every hair need, including thinning hair, hair loss, curls & waves, coloured hair, frizzy hair and limp hair which needs a boost of volume.  Talk to your bhp stylist