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Colour correction at bhp hairdressing salon in Guiseley Leeds

Have you recently had a hair colour disaster at home or elsewhere? If you have, do not panic because the hair colour experts at bhp hair salon in Leeds can fix your hair colour problems.

Seek our professional help as soon as possible so we can help with your hair colour correction. During a colour correction appointment, we will assess the problem and discuss the options available to correct the colour and any damage.  You can book your colour correction appointment online or call us on 01943 878107. 

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hair colour correction, guiseley hair salon, leeds hairdressersHow do I fix my hair colour disaster?

It can be tempting to try and fix your hair colour problem by adding an at-home colour over the top but, trust us, this can make the matter worse. That’s why we stress the importance of seeking professional help immediately and to avoid colouring your hair again at home, as this can make your colour worse and damage your hair further. Speak to one of our hair colour experts, who can discuss options and explain how long the colour correction process will take.

hair colour correction, guiseley hair salon, leeds hairdressersMy hair has turned orange – what should I do?

When it comes to hair colour disasters, we have seen them all.  We understand that highlights turning out too orange or yellow, unwanted brassy tones in your hair or dark bands of hair colour are very common hair colouring mistakes, mainly caused by overlapping of colour. When using box dye hair colour at home, it can be notoriously difficult to achieve the same colour that you see advertised on the box.

At our Leeds hair salon, we fix home hair colour disasters all the time.  Whether your hair has become brittle from over-processing or the colour has not turned out as you wanted, rest assured we can fix your hair colour issues.

hair colour correction, guiseley hair salon, leeds hairdressersMy home balayage hair dye did not work!

At-home balayage never turns out looking as sleek and professionally done as when applied by an expert colour technician. Balayage should have a graduated, dimensional, natural looking hair colour. The result, when done at home, is often a harsh band of colour which can be hard to fix.

As balayage is an intricate bespoke hair colouring technique, it is best left to the professionals in our Leeds hair salon. Our expert hair colour stylists in Leeds have received specialist training, which means we can create the most beautiful balayage and ombre hair colours.  If this is the look you want, book into the best balayage in Leeds

hair colour correction, guiseley hair salon, leeds hairdressersHow can I fix uneven hair colour?

Another common side effect of at-home hair colour is patchy, uneven hair colour is. To achieve a well blended, professional salon look, visit our professional hair colour stylists. We have all the skills, training and creativity to help you achieve your desired hair colour.

Hair colour correction appointments at bhp hairdressing salon in Guiseley, Leeds

If you’ve been unlucky enough to have a home hair dye disaster, book your hair colour correction appointment at bhp hairdressing salon in Guiseley, near Leeds, by calling 01943 878107.