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 #olaplex Watercolours
 Before and after. Our 1st olaplex service. Olaplex is amazing!!!! Ladies, paddle brush dried no irons BOOM! #olaplex
 Olaplex has arrived! The biggest thing to happen in haircare in the past 100 years! 1. Reconnects the broken disulphide bonds in the hair. 2. Zero breakage 3. Adds massive shine to your hair. 4. Olaplex is insurance for your hair. 5. The Holy Grail of hair colour. 6. A celebrity must-have product 7. Can be added to colour, bleach and smoothing systems. 8. Lasts until your next chemical service 9. Strengthens the hair. 10. Olaplex no.3 can be purchased to maintain the treatment between salon visits. Ask your stylist for more details, or better still call us at the salon 01943 878107 .

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